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February is American Heart Month. Let's hear from one of our doctors!

“I am reminded this Heart Month of the connections between the metaphorical heart and our physical heart. Valentine’s Day is a celebration filled with symbolism as the “heart” represents love. These have been stressful and lonely times; stress does lead to increased cardiac admissions. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a recognized medical condition caused by extreme stress such as the loss of a loved one. Often presenting to the emergency room as a heart attack, urgent catheterization reveals a weakened heart with no obstruction in the coronary arteries. The heart became weak because of loss and stress not due to a heart attack. This Heart Month, occurring in a Pandemic that has caused so much stress and loss, reminds me that our spiritual heart and our physical heart are intertwined uniquely that we are only beginning to understand. Please take time during this special month to find ways to improve the health of your physical heart and your metaphorical one. "

-Dr. Ike

Board member and referral Cardiologist for St. Luke's

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