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  • Physicians 

  • Physician Assistants 

  • Nurse Practitioners 

  • Counselors/Psychologist  

  • Podiatrist 

  • Chiropractor 

  • Dentist (referrals only) 

  • Optometrist (referrals only) 

  • Pharmacists 

We offer telehealth for all our provider volunteers that prefer to see patients in the comfort of their own homes or at their clinical site. For providers that prefer to volunteer on-site after normal business hours, we offer night clinic volunteer shifts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-8 PM. All night clinic providers will be provided with a meal donated to the clinic by church groups, restaurants, and individual volunteers. 


For providers that prefer to see our patients in their own clinic, please fill out the “Referral Provider” application. 


If you are a provider interested in volunteering, please call Executive Director Patsy Whitney at 864-542-CARE ext. 26. 

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