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Giving Week Spotlight: Julie Bazzle

Name: Julie Bazzle

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

How long have you been working at SLFMC? Almost 2 years

Position at SLFMC: Pharmacist

What role does the pharmacy play and why is it a crucial part of St. Luke's?

The pharmacy is an important part of the clinic. Patients are able to see the Doctor and then receive the medications they need. We treat them for their medical condition and are able to give them their medicines as well. While St. Luke’s is able to obtain some medications through partner resources, many prescription drugs must still be purchased for our onsite pharmacy. We also supply patients with their diabetic supplies so they can check their sugar. All of these things would cost money at an outside pharmacy. Our patients are able to get them here for free and that helps them improve their health.

Why is it important that patients can access the medications they need?

Medication is so expensive. When we provide them at no cost, patients can take what they need for their medical conditions and improve their health.

Why did you become a pharmacist? or what do you like about being a pharmacist?

I love people and I love helping others. As a pharmacist, I get to develop relationships with my patients and help them.

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