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Pixie used to have dreams that she was crying. But when she woke up, she realized she really WAS crying…from the discomfort she was experiencing even while sleeping associated with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and torn rotator cuffs. After moving to Spartanburg a few years ago, her sister told her, “Pixie, to count your blessings you must first ask to receive one”. Pixie did ask for a blessing…and she found St. Luke’s.

Before coming to St. Luke’s, Pixie went through the process of applying for disability, and was denied. She said she would rather make three times more doing her old job, if she could just feel well enough to do it. She had worked in real estate for fifteen years and would love to return to work, if only she could use her arms!

Just a few weeks ago, Pixie was called in to apply at St. Luke’s. She was accepted within a week, and she had her first doctor’s appointment within two weeks. She saw Dr. Bradof who made referrals for additional tests to evaluate her health concerns. She was simply elated to be receiving such prompt and thorough treatment. “I came here, went through 1 ½ magazines, spoke with (staff member) Mary Ann, who was right to the point about what would happen, and two weeks later I was back for my appointment. I was told right up front to expect to be here from 5:15 to 7:30 and that is exactly how long it took.”

Pixie told me, “This has given me perspective that no matter how bad the news is out there, there are people who make you appreciative again….I had lost that. I appreciate the respect I have received from all of the caregivers here. I have gained an appreciation for people because I know that the people here are helping just because they want to.”

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